Service Items
Our company's Eradication Engineering Department provides pest control consultation, monitoring and killing services to large units, hotels, hotels, shopping malls, schools, food processing plants, enterprises, communities and families with abundant experience in eliminating four pests, professional technology and high-quality services. It also provides one-time, regular, perennial disinfection, insecticide, rodent control, cockroach control, mosquito and fly control and termite control services.

Termite control

Cockroach control

Mosquito control

Flea control

Mouse control

Control of Red Fire Ant

Flies control

Bedbug control

Company profile
Zhongshan Baolin Biological Control Co., Ltd. has senior prevention experts and skilled professional team. It is the most powerful pesticide company specializing in PCO work. Mainly engaged in pest control work (PCO), the Department of Pesticide Control has constantly absorbed professional knowl...
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